The dumped partisans...

"The damped partisans of the city of Nineveh" 2023

Maiden turn of race

"Maiden turn of race / Part I" is a composition for violin and electronics in three movements of the female composer Sabine Bremer. She is using a very unique live electronic setup with a lot of modified effect pedals for her Ableton Live Performance . The first movement is written in the traditional main sonata form. A concept, first brought to paper in the 19th century, constituting a kind of "living in the things" formula of composing, that was also useable to discribe the structures of older pieces retrospectively. Now it works here as well, if one doesn`t take it too serious.


video snippet from schaumschiff

Ludwig van Birthday

Happy Birthday L.v.B. !!

Buddha's Kiss

"The film was shot in 2014 and is the document of the work of an berlin based multidisciplinary art project who's main intention is to create the symbiosis of movement, space, light and sound in a continual dialogue between the arts.

into the unknown

"into the unknown (official musicvideo Nitzsche&Hummel, released on 25.02.2013)
Director/Editor: Stephan Stoll